A little History

In April 1990 a group of keen target shooters suggested to me that we try to form our own club!   I liked the idea but was unsure of the procedure to get things started.

I rang the Firearms Dept. at Lloyd House in Birmingham and asked my contact there for some help.   He was extremely helpful, suggesting a course of action starting with an approach to the Home Office.   This was followed by contacting the Army/MoD, insurance company and the NRA at Bisley.

By the 3rd May we had our NRA  affiliation and insurance but still needed Home Office approval and Army  permission to use Whittington and Kingsbury ranges.   Now it was a waiting game.  7th August 1990  we were still awaiting HO approval and a final decision from Captain Turner at Whittington who handled all civilian club bookings there and at Kingsbury.

Contacted Home Office and was advised of approval in principle on 13th September.   On 17th September we sent a cheque to HO  and await formal letter of confirmation .   This was received a few days later and we arranged a first committee meeting for 25th Sept.   I should say at this stage that we had let it be known to club colleagues and other contacts in the sport  what  we were doing.   Applications started to come in and a nucleus membership was formed.

At the meeting it was agreed to keep the committee small, that safety regulations would be tight but general running of the club  be flexible, friendly and informal.   Bookings were arranged with our first official rifle shoot at Kingsbury, on 27th October1990.  At this stage we had a founding membership of 26.   I fired the first shot in the new club.

There are four of us left from the opening membership.   Others have moved on to new clubs, left the sport altogether  or moved away.   For a club with no permanent HQ we have survived very well.   Membership is healthy,  we are well thought of by  the Home Office, National Rifle Association  and Military authorities.

Long may it continue!!

Stan Murphy Founder Member & Club Chairman